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The Vintage Post (TVP) is an online vintage shop directory and magazine that brings you closer to vintage.
We take you far beyond the objects and businesses themselves.
Come and meet the people behind your local vintage shops.
Learn about the history of the vintage items you love.
Be introduced to collectors of things you didn’t even know existed.
Discover new places to shop for vintage treasures.
Be inspired by the vintage bloggers in our modern world and
Fall in love with vintage for even more reasons.
TVP is also a forever growing online reference website for all things vintage.

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So what is The Vintage Post?

TVP is the website where you can find important, interesting, informative, and insightful information whether you’re a buyer, seller, or admirer of vintage including…


Used PTY LTD Fitzroy Industrial vintage shop

If you have a vintage shop, vintage blog, or are a vintage shopper, you need to know about this.

Perhaps you’re organising a vintage shopping day and not sure where to start, this is where you start.
However… this directory is no normal directory.  TVP places is personal.
We aren’t just a map with an address and opening hours.
We chat one on one with the shop owners and learn about their passion – their store.

The directory is interactive.  The shop & blog owners can actually login and update their page with tons of news, photos, interviews, and information about their store.  So it’s forever changing, and always interesting.

All places are heavily photo based so you can really get a feel of where you are shopping.

Our directory offers an in depth view of the vintage shops of Melbourne and beyond so you can plan your day out!

View our FAQ for further information about getting your place put on the map.
Or get straight into it and list it by creating an account on the right hand side of the places page.


Weekly articles or ‘Posts’ will be published here for your much needed dose of vintage.
Here you can learn about all sorts of things like vintage designers, how to restore furniture, get your vintage shopping tips, learn how to get your best sales result when when selling, how to take better photos, and more.

There will be articles for buyers, sellers, collectors and everyone in between.
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(We are always looking for contributors & writers for all sections of TVP.  If you are interested be sure to contact us)


Vintage mid-century lighting and lamps collection

TVP meets and chats with a wide range of people in the vintage industry.
From collectors, vintage shop owners, vintage bloggers to home owners who live the complete vintage life.  Step in their shoes, learn from their experiences and enjoy their personal anecdotes.

TVP finds some of Australia and beyond’s, best collectors and their vintage collections, ranging from ceramics, bakelite radios, furniture, ephemera, toys, and clothing.

(If this sounds like you, contact TVP, and you could be interviewed too.)


Have something that you aren’t sure about?  Can’t identify a marking?  Not sure what something’s worth?  Or maybe you just want to talk to fellow vintage enthusiasts like yourself!  Jump on our forum ‘Talk,’ and get talking.
Start a topic and talk vintage!  It’s open to anything vintage related but please be kind and fair or we may have to ask you to leave.


Have a click around, get familiar with The Vintage Post and get reading.  There is already so much to read and see.

Be sure to book mark us and to subscribe, as TVP is going to be updated regularly and there will be a wealth of information and interesting reads to keep you fascinated, educated and interested in the wonderful world of vintage.

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