Ah, it's the kitsch vintage things that make me smile!

Hello hello!!

I bought these kitsch beauties from a house call not too long ago, and I only just got around to buying some toothpicks to make it complete! Huh? :)

Vintage kitsch things have always made me smile.  I’ve mentioned many-a-time that kitsch things remind me of my Mum & Nan, as both of them would like the cheeky, quirky, humorous angles they turn everyday items into.

Today I wanted to show you some vintage toothpick holders I bought.

Vintage cactus toothpick holders - kitsch mexican
Hehe don’t they just make you smile??

They’re little wooden carved cacti with holes all over to hold your toothpicks so they resemble PRICKLES!

Vintage cactus toothpick holders - kitsch mexican
It’s so simple isn’t it? And what a talking point they’d be at my dinner party. (Perhaps over some tacos?)

Vintage cactus toothpick holders - kitsch mexican
I’ve seen a few varieties of these holders including a hedgehog which was pretty darn cute!  But I’ve always had a thing for cacti.  They’re so decorative!

Vintage cactus toothpick holders - kitsch mexican


Trish Hunter
Trish Hunter - Founder of The Vintage Post, mid-century design collector, passionate about history, dog lover, excessive !!! user and smiler.
Trish Hunter


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Trish Hunter
Trish Hunter

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