Collecting Vintage Australian Pottery as an investment

I’ve always loved dealing in vintage Australian Pottery.  There’s something truly special and unique about the ceramic art forms, which makes it a pleasure to collect.

I personally collect mid-century vintage Ellis pottery and have near 50 figures, however have had the pleasure of dealing in some of the artists listed below, back in my days of being a vintage dealer.

You can find a lot of the artists histories online, however some are still quite the mystery.

Many vintage shops now choose to deal in Australian Pottery, making collecting it accessible, interesting, and a great collection to invest in.


Vintage and Retro Australian Pottery from the 50’s – 70’s is one of my favourite things to both collect and sell. Some of my favourites are the bold and stylish mid-century pieces like stunning Ellis figures, Gunda vases, and of course what’s more retro than polka dotted Diana kitchenware.


Some other collectable Australian pottery artists names include, but by no means limited to…

Allan Lowe, Arthur Boyd Pottery, Artur Halpern, Bakewell Brothers, Bendigo Pottery, Beryl Armstrong, Betty McLaren, Charles Wilton, Christopher Sanders, Cynthia Mitchell, David & Hermia Boyd, Diana Ware, Dyson Studio, Ellis Ceramics, Elsa Ardern, Eric Juckert, Fowler Ware, Grace Seccombe, Greg Daly, Gunda Gundars Lusis, Gus McLaren, Guy Boyd, Harold Hughan, Harry Memmott, Hellfire, Hoffman, Iris Galbraith, Ivan Englund, John Barnard Knight, John Campbell,  Klytie Pate, Les Blakebrough, Little Sydney Pottery, Margot Beck, Marguerite Mahood, Martin Boyd, McHugh Brothers, MCP, Melrose, Merric Boyd, Milton Moon, Pates Pottery, Peggy Warren, Peter Laycock, Phyl Dunn, Premier Potteries (PPP) Ray Cook, Regal Mashman, Reg Preston, Remued, Robert & Margot Beck, Sylvia Halpern, Tom Sanders, Victor Greenaway, And of course, William Ricketts and more.

Vintage Sylvia Halpern Australian pottery vase

When valuing vintage pottery it’s important to remember that not everything has a great monetary value… yet… and although a particular ceramic figure may fetch a great price, it doesn’t mean a set of goblets or domestic ware too are valuable.

Condition also plays a very important role in valuing Australian pottery and can really be the difference in a valuable piece compared to something that’s not.

Vintage Melrose ware Australian pottery santa jug

Be sure to pop into your local vintage shop and chat to them about your collection and ask if they ever find any of your pieces.  They can always keep a lookout for you!

Trish Hunter
Trish Hunter - Founder of The Vintage Post, mid-century design collector, passionate about history, dog lover, excessive !!! user and smiler.
Trish Hunter


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  1. I have a Pates (large) gladioli vase cream colour with ripple effect and gold, a 904. It is in excellent condition. Is there a collector who could price this gorgeous item!

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