Early Vintage Birthday Presents! Astor Playgram


It’s my Birthday coming up next month, and I absolutely love Birthday’s.

I’m the kinda gal who talks about it for the whole month prior, and would cry it from the rooftops to let the world know about it if I could.

It’s not at all a way to score gifts as no one in my friend & family group do presents, (cake is completely accepted though) It’s just that I’m so darned excited to have a special day that’s all mine!  A day of being treated, spoilt, of cards in the post, of cute text messages, of dinner with friends, of not working, of me me me! (How much better is that than gifts?)

Now you’d think that surely my partner Gareth would get me something?

Nope.  No gifts.  We treat each other to delicious food, and a day out on Birthdays/Christmasses etc, we don’t do gifts.

See we buy each other presents all year around.  We both love vintage, and if we’re out sourcing and see something the other would like, we buy it for each other.

It’d be so stressful to every year have to go out and find something to beat all the other awesome gifts throughout the year.  So we just decided to do no presents.

So this is another one of my all year ’round early Birthday presents from Gareth (hehe)

Vintage Astor Playgram record player or turntable
It’s an early 60’s Astor Playgram! Yep it’s PINK & GREY! (amaaaazing)

Vintage Astor Playgram record player or turntable
I was on the hunt for a portable vintage record player for my dressing room, to listen to old records while I glammed up (Oh how romantic)  Shortly after, this found me and was perfect.

Vintage Astor Playgram record player or turntable
As you probably know, Gareth is what I’d call an expert in vintage records, turntables & all things audio.  It was his business for years prior to me meeting him.  He’s all about quality audio gear, and this, well… is not that.

Vintage Astor Playgram record player or turntable
He can’t understand why I want to hear such good music, that should be played through something amazing instead of something that makes it sound so bad.
Honestly I can’t really tell the difference.
He wants to get me a system with quality sound, but I just know it won’t look as fab as this (or as small as this) and if this does the job AND looks so amazing, I’d take this any day!

Vintage Astor Playgram record player or turntable
I just want this cute little vintage portable delight to sing along to. YAY!!

Vintage Astor Playgram record player or turntable

Trish Hunter
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  1. Oh… Absolutely adore it! Great colour scheme also! I have a huge Astor 3 in 1, which is spectacular! Astor sure knew what they were doing and made some amazingly designed items back then… Even if their pieces don’t work, they are a piece of art to look at! Fab present Trish!

    • Yay It kind of matches your CAR!! I do love astors, even the name & lettering has a fab vintage feel to it! I completely agree with the artwork! They really are so pleasing on the eye :) xx

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