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Camberwell Market is where I opened my very first vintage shop – the Trish Hunter Finds caravan shop.  I would drive in my vintage converted caravan at 4am every Sunday and sell my retro wares.

The market is one of Australia’s favourite Sunday trash and treasure markets.  You can find all sorts of vintage and modern here.

The Sunday market is located in Station Street, Camberwell – Melways Ref: 45 J12. Station Street runs parallel with Burke Road, and the Markets tucked just behind the shops there.

My vintage caravan shop at Camberwell sunday market

If you can find Target or Safeway on Prospect Hill Road, you’ll find the market. With over 370 stalls, you won’t be able to miss it.

My vintage caravan shop at Camberwell sunday market

The market opens as soon as the first dealer arrives which is as early as 4am.  But most people begin arriving between 7am and 8am and it runs right through till midday.

Many vintage dealers have regular spots here, so don’t expect dollar bargains all the time. People are here to make a living, and many have vintage shops themselves, and so good vintage pieces will often be priced higher than expected.  But remember, it’s nice to have the opportunity to buy these pieces that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

You can book a Market stall on their website here.  But be prepared to book in advance, as the stalls are highly sought after.

My vintage caravan shop at Camberwell sunday market

Want some tips in selling at Camberwell Market? I’ve created a youtube video with my best hints and tips.

This is based on a flea market, trash and treasure, antiquey sort of market style which is what I’m familiar with but I’m sure you can take tips from here whatever sort of market you’re holding.
The examples used are from my time at Camberwell Market. So check with your local market for more accurate times and rules so you don’t come unstuck.
This is just a guide based on my own experiences and your own discretion should be used when holding your own market stall.
Happy marketing!

My vintage caravan shop at Camberwell sunday market

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