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I must say one of the perks of running your own vintage business is the rad people you meet.
One of the fabulous ladies I met, was at Camberwell Market a few years ago and we’ve been buddies ever since.
Catherine runs the vintage clothing business Audrey Scarlett Vintage, named after her adorable daughter.
I was completely delighted when we were coffee-ing one morning and as she was show and telling me her treasures she threw me over this fabulous orange frock!
“*GASP* I lovvvve this!!” I said in complete jealousy.
“It’s yours” Catherine replied.
Yep, she gave me this beautiful 60’s orange dress that you’re about to see.
She knew it was made for me and insisted it be mine! Much love.
Now ain’t that the kind of amazing friend you want in your life? Yaha.
It’s also the kind of person you should buy from, because if you like this frock, you’ll love her other fabulous pieces.  From the 30’s upwards!  Check out her Facebook page for all of her information.

Anyway I’d best get some photos happening hey, see what on earth I’m talking about!

Vintage 1960s retro orange dress and hat
I’d been out all morning before I took these so apologies for the wrinkles.
How GREAT is the colour of this frock! Love love it.

Vintage 1960s retro orange dress and hat
Vintage 1960s retro orange dress and hat
I do love a good match!
And when I was steaming my dress this morning I spotted deep in my hat pile, right at the back of the room, a hint of bright orange! JA! Perfect.
Also can you spot the puff sleeves? Yep! I’m channeling Anne of Green Gables a little bit here.  I have my very own PUFF SLEEVES!

Vintage 1960s retro orange dress and hat
Little Betty Hunter is never far away when photos are being taken.

Vintage 1960s retro orange dress and hat
I wear this belt ALL the time! It completely 60’s up any outfit.
I’m sad though because it’s beginning to die.
The stitching is coming undone and little bits of plastic are pealing off. Eep!
It’ll be a day of mourning when this goes to heaven.

But other than that! Check the pattern on this dress! Fabo!

Anyway, it’s a big day of food and friends today! After a lovely morning out with Mr THF, I’m now off to lunch with my Brother, then to Shannon from Pretty Parcel’s for dinner!

Trish Hunter
Trish Hunter - Founder of The Vintage Post, mid-century design collector, passionate about history, dog lover, excessive !!! user and smiler.
Trish Hunter


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