The Westfield Thrifty Fashionista market day!


This is a sponsored post brought to you by Westfield and Nuffnang.

Ya’ll will remember me talking about the market day that Westfield was throwing (Click here to read about that!) Well I of course took some photos of the day to share with you :)

I arrived at around 9am to begin setup and started the day with a bang… literally.  As I walked in I completely stacked and fell over.  Luckily that was the end of the bad luck and the rest of the day was awesome!!

It’s so great to see how well vintage and second hand is received by people.  And lovely to meet some of my readers too! Thanks for coming on down! I hope you enjoy your new to you treasures :)

Here’s some piccies of the day!

Westfield Thrifty Fashionista MarketI brought down some of my favourite frocks from my online store!Westfield Thrifty Fashionista MarketIt was bustling! People had armfuls of treasure and the que to the dressing room was often huge!Westfield Thrifty Fashionista MarketWestfield Thrifty Fashionista MarketIt was swell to be alongside fellow Bloggers Candice and Phoebe.  It was great to catch up and chat (And buy each others things too! I’ll do a special outfit post on my new Super Kawaii Mama frock soon!)Westfield Thrifty Fashionista MarketThe vinyl records were a hit too!Westfield Thrifty Fashionista MarketWestfield Thrifty Fashionista MarketWord is that there may be another Thrifty Fashionista market in the future! So keep an eye out!


Trish Hunter
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Trish Hunter


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Trish Hunter
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Comments (5)

  1. What fun! I wish I had of been able to make it but my bank balance is probably thanking me. I imagine there were many treasures to tempt someone with no will power, like me!

  2. That’s really cool you got to be part of that. I like it when shopping centres do something a bit different -the shops get a bit samey. And who doesn’t love a market?!

  3. Ah, it looks so fantastic! It all makes me wish I’d braved my aversion to shopping centres and checked it all out.

    That cardigan is just adorable, by the way. You seem to have a fantastic collection of them.

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