Vintage Figgjo Lotte - History & Values

‘Figgjo’ is a Scandinavian porcelain manufacturing company based in Norway.
Since they established in 1941, they have, and continue to produce highly collectable and desirable wares of a high quality.  That includes the Lotte range, an iconic design collected amongst mid-century modern enthusiasts.

The Lotte design that we all know and love (The blue and white imagery of a Man and a Lady) was designed by Turi Gramstadt Oliver.  It was first issued in the 60’s however their second issue in 1972 tends to be when most of the items we see today were produced.

Other designs produced by Lotte include the similar but green Market design, Saga, Viking, Flint, Turi, Grill, Corsica, Anne Marie and more, some I’m sure that you will have discovered on your vintage journey.

Vintage Figgjo Lotte collection cups, mugs, teapot, etc

The Figgjo range tends to go up and down in value, so it’s hard to determine.  However the most popular and widely collected seems to be the Lotte and Anne Marie ranges.

The more valuable pieces include the covered butter dish, the figural salt and pepper shakers, the cereal bowls and the large dinner plates.  Condition of course does play a large factor in valuing pieces.

Dating the pieces can be a little tricky as they were produced for a long time.

Vintage Figgjo Lotte collection cups, mugs, teapot, etc

However after 1979 Figgjo changed their name to Figgjo AS. So if your pieces don’t say this, you’re safe to say they are early.

I personally collect the Lotte design and have done so ever since I had my first coffee from one of the cups.  I found them beautiful to drink from.  I also rarely find them damaged. Seldom is there chips or cracks.  Most of the wear is usually to the design from many many washes.
The Figgjo pieces tend to keep in such good condition because from 1960 onwards are made of vitreous china, making them crazing resistant (yay), and super tough!

If you would like further information, or have pieces to sell, perhaps try posting in our vintage forum.

Vintage Figgjo Lotte collection cups, mugs, teapot, etc

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  1. Hi, I have a full green coloured set and was wanting to sell. Never been used, wedding present in the 80’s. Where is the best place to sell? I am in Sydney. Many thanks

  2. Geoffrey Robinson  |  

    I have dealt with Figgjo Flint and other Scandinavian pottery & glass for many years. I have in stock a small Lotte tureen with cut out handles. I have once had the larger version. Regards Geoffrey

    • Hi, I have just discovered this site, so hope my post is appropriate. I have numerous pieces of the Figgjo Turi Design Lotte. I am the executrix of an estate and must sell off all assets. I don’t have them all photographed yet, but here is a short list of some of the pieces I have. 15″ rectangular Serving Platter, candle holder, mini creamer, 2 place mats, various plates and bowls, wall plaque. They are all in the blue dominant colours. I live in Canada, but live near the Port Huron, MI border. Your dollar is much stronger than ours, so all offers will be considered. Let me know if you want a full listing and/or photos.

  3. Hi there, i have several perfect pieces of Lotte Turi designs, What i am trying to find out is the authenticity of the hall mark on them; all the hall marks i have seen are printed in Blue, my pieces are printed in Brown. My optimistic side tells me maybe this is the very first set and is worth a fortune, but, my realistic side says they are fake? Could you clarify this for me please
    Yours hopefully xxx :-)

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