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Vintage Australian Furniture is so popular now, and is still so accessible in Melbourne, and around all of Australia. Our vintage shop directory features many vintage furniture dealers so be sure to check it out and pay them a visit.

Vintage furniture, and chairs in particular, are my favourite thing to buy.  Not only are the pieces practical (Mostly) But functional as well!

There’s nothing quite like natural light capturing the shape and design of a striking mid-century chair, and so that is exactly what this post is dedicated to.  Some great vintage Australian chairs.

BOOM! – Amazing right?Vintage Chairs - Featherston, Meadmore, Descon, Snelling, Fler furnitureReference: Image thanks to The Australian Home Beautiful – February 1953 and Andersons

Could this vintage advertisement be more amazing? Yep this is an original ad featuring vintage chairs including first the Featherston’s iconic R160 contour chair, then costing a measly 22 – 33 pounds.

The Clement Meadmore cord chair for 5 – 17 pounds.

The Snelling armchair so beautifully strapped selling for a whopping 10 pounds.

There is also a Fler chair, a butterfly chair (Called the hammock chair) and more.  Beautiful pieces of Australian design.

Vintage Chairs Douglass Snelling Furniture advertisement Reference: Image courtesy of The Australian Home Beautiful Magazine – May 1956.

Another advertisement for ‘The Snelling Line’ I would love to get my mittens on one of the free catalogues! The imagery features the vintage Sarran webbed chair! Oh and be sure to look for the Snelling line tag to ensure it’s original! Brilliant.

Vintage Chairs patterncraft Fred Ward FurnitureReference: Image courtesy of The Australian Home Beautiful Magazine October 1947

In the late 1940’s, Home Beautiful promoted Patterncraft like it was nothing else! These pieces, some designed by Fred Ward were super popular, as you could make them yourself at home as you would a sewing pattern.

These pieces of pattern craft are quite collectable now.

Vintage Chairs, Kone, Eames, Beachcomber, retro furnitureReference: Image courtesy of The Australian Home Beautiful Magazine February 1953

Here we have some international furniture including the iconic Eames chair.  This article shows how popular and on trend wrought iron furniture was.

Vintage chairs advertising - Descon, Kone, Butterfly, Fibreglass furnitureReference: Image courtesy of The Australian Home Beautiful Magazine May 1956

An amazing vintage advertisement for Descon, a store that stocked some of these beautiful Australian chairs including the hammock (butterfly chair), and the Kone chair by Roger McLay.

You could even win a tidy 50 pounds by submitting an essay to Descon about what to look for when buying a chair! Ha!

Vintage chairs advertising - danish deluxe inga lounge furnitureReference: Image courtesy of The Australian Home Beautiful Magazine

Ah the beautiful Danish De Luxe Inga chair.  Often assumed it is made in Denmark due to it’s name, however is an Australian company.  How beautiful is the shape on this predominantly teak timbered vintage chair.

Vintage chairs advertising - Grant Featherston scape furniture
Reference: Image courtesy of The Australian Home Beautiful Magazine February 1962

Introducing – “New silhouettes in metal furniture”

This Scape armchair is what I consider one of the chairs with the most beautiful shape. Sitting in a room it is a piece of art as much as it is a functional chair.  Beautiful.
Once upon a time it retailed for 24 pounds.  Yikes! If only we knew how valuable they would later be.

Also featured we have “The Continental” Extension dining table, and the Scape dining suite!  I’ve personally owned the dining suite and used it in my own home and it was much loved.  The dining chairs are also quite easy to reupholster too! So if you do find them trashed, it’s a quick job for a professional, or you can attempt them yourself without worrying too much about doing it badly.

As you can see, vintage Australian furniture, (and some international pieces) Are so beautiful and worth investing in.  Do your research and find the right piece for your space at home, and then enjoy your time popping into your local vintage shops (You can look them up right here in our ‘Places’ directory) and finding that piece you covet.

Trish Hunter
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